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Twitter the Manitoba Libraries Conference!

Want to try tweeting?  See how you can use hashtags to tweet to your direct audience!  The Manitoba Libraries Conference has set up a hashtag for you to tweet and follow.  A hashtag is used to create groupings to help users follow conversation on a specific topic. Just as you use a tag to help people find your blog posts, photos on Flickr or videos on YouTube, hashtags help Twitter users find conversation topics.

1. Open up a twitter account if you haven't done so.
2. Goto and follow it.
3. In your own twitter status window type: Follow #mlc2009
4. To post just type in your status window: #mlc2009 and then your
message.  Example: #mlc2009 RDA workshop is now in conference room 1
5. To be removed from hashtag: Remove #mlc2009

If you just want to view what is going on goto: